The Mirale Match – A victory for the cats!

The Mirale Match – A victory for the cats!

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All of you came together for two important months and made the Miracle Match program a victory for the cats!

Generous donors donated $40,000 in matching funds. Guess what? You blew that away!! During March and April, you raised over $240,000 for the cats, their daily care, our advocacy work and more. This includes all gifts received through our various programs during the Miracle Match time frame.

Your support makes everything we do for the cats you’ve come to know and love possible – you’re awesome!


Did you know it costs approximately $50,000 a month to do our work?  Building habitats and making habitat enhancements costs even more.  That is why your support is so special and so important. Your gifts enable us to do so much for wild cats, allowing us to rescue many from starvation, suffering, and deplorable conditions.  Your help turns their lives around.  For many, it is their first time to choose a path to walk, a place to lie down, and the serenity to be as free as they can possibly be.  They enjoy life, without the fear of exhibition or exploitation, in natural, wide-open, spacious habitats – thanks to your caring and compassion.


Have you ever needed a true friend? Even animals do.

Being orphaned in the wild as a kitten was scary for Haley the bobcat. But a friend made things better for her.

In 2008, Haley and her sibling were found abandoned under a log in the wild. Their eyes weren’t even open yet and they couldn’t fend for themselves.

A rehabilitation center took them in and tried to save them. Sadly, Haley’s littermate died the first night. Haley survived, but she contracted pneumonia and the treatment was believed to have affected her eyesight, making her unreleasable back to the wild.Meanwhile, an orphaned bobcat kitten named Henry had also been found in another state around the same time.

These two tiny bobcats traveled across the country and beat the odds because of people like you. Arriving at The Wildcat Sanctuary within hours of each other, they were immediately introduced. Henry greeted the little girl with a bobcat sound and Haley replied by jumping right on top of him. He let out a hiss and ran back into the transport carrier. Within hours, the two were tumbling, playing and following one another up and down perches and ramps before taking a well-deserved nap. It’s a friendship that still lasts today.

We couldn’t help cats like Henry or Haley without friends like you. During the Miracle Match, every dollar you give becomes two. Gifts will be 100 percent doubled all the way up to $30,000! Help us double the love for wild cats in need by giving your most generous gift before April 30.

Won’t you be a friend and help more wild cats like Haley and Henry?

P.S. Because of people like you, big cats that were once neglected or abandoned now have a home and friend for life at The Wildcat Sanctuary.


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