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Memorial Pavilion

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The Wildcat Sanctuary Memorial Garden construction is underway, We have built a pavilion and the reflection garden is being designed for planting in the spring of 2011. The area allows staff, volunteers, and our generous donors to celebrate the lives of the animals that are no longer with us. We can gather here while watching Titan and Lilly play in Tiger Splash or watch the cougars chase each other in Cougar Cove.

Each time a resident passes a memorial plaque can be bought to honor their memory and to celebrate their freedom. With your help we are able to do so much for the animals while they are here with us so it is nice that we all have a place to reflect on what we have accomplished. The pavilion also includes imprints of Titan and Lilly's paw prints in the concrete.

Titan the tiger's paw printThe Wildcat Sanctuary has also established the "HOPE FOR THE FUTURE" Bequest Program as a way for our supporters to leave a precious legacy and continue their support long after they are gone. By including The Wildcat Sanctuary in your estate plans, you can leave a legacy memorializing a lifetime of compassion for animals. Through a planned gift you can guarantee that your voice for wildcats carries on, until they are protected from abuse forever.

Memorial Garden Wish ListTWS Memorial Pavilion

  • Sturdy outdoor benches
  • Large outdoor pots
  • Cafe style tables and chairs
  • Shrubs and plants (list to come)
  • Pea Gravel
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