Beginning November 1, you can schedule your gift for Give to the Max Day!

Beginning November 1, you can schedule your gift for Give to the Max Day!

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GTMD_2013_EkatBeginning on November 1, 2013, you may “schedule” your donations for Give to the Max Day.

Between November 1 and November 14, your donation will automatically be deducted from your credit or debit card at midnight on November 14 making it eligible for the Golden Ticket drawing and helps TWS compete on the leaderboard. You will receive confirmation of your scheduled donation immediately.


It’s that easy!

Your gift supports our life-saving work. TWS provides a natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and inspires change to end the captive wildlife crisis.

Save the date for November 14 – Give to the Max Day! Donate on November 14 and your gift will be matched (up to $20,000).

We will make it easy for you to donate on November 14!

There will be many ways your gift can win extra cash for the cats via Give to the Max Day!

  • Golden Tickets – Every hour a donor will be randomly drawn for a $1,000 to be added to their donation to the charity they are giving to. Additionally, two $10,000 Super-sized Golden Tickets will be randomly drawn at the end of the event.
  • TWS Power Hours- Nonprofits  that raise the most money during each of the power hours will win a $1,000 prize grant. TWS has chosen three power hours when we are asking our donors to give.

    • 2:00-2:59 a.m (night owl)
    • 5:00-5:59 p.m., 6:00-6:59 p.m (TWS Happy Hour)
  • Leaderboard – Nonprofits who come in on the leaderboard will win:
    • 1st place – $10,000
    • 2nd place – $7,500
    • 3rd place – $5,000
    • 4th place – $2,500
    • 5th place – $1,000
    • 6th place through 10th place – $500 each



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