Couple Hospitalized After Playing With Lion Cub

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[caption id="attachment_11324" align="alignright" width="300"] Two white lion cubs at Ukutula Lion Park and Lodge.[/caption] A South African couple has been hospitalized after what they were hoping to be just a fun play date with a lion cub. Manie and Angelique Visser were in...

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With over $100,000 of damage, your help is vital to our recovery

With over $100,000 of damage, your help is vital to our recovery

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In the 13 years of running this Sanctuary, I've never experienced anything like this. It's been a whirlwind, after a severe storm dumped over 2 feet of ice and snow on The Wildcat Sanctuary.   What a devastating few days! Inside view of enclosure that concaved The...

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Your gift today allows tigers like Lilly to make it against the odds! Through April 30th, your gift will be doubled.

Your gift today allows tigers like Lilly to make it against the odds! Through April 30th, your gift will be doubled.

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Your gift helps cats like Lilly!  And your gift will be doubled through April 30! Tigress Lilly made it against the odds. Lilly was born around 1996 at a pseudo sanctuary in southern Minnesota.  The facility closed down after a white tiger bit a young girl and owners were...

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On the Road to Rescue sponsored by IFAW and TWS

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IFAW Grant helps fund new Rescue Trailer Having rescued big cats from all over the United States, The Wildcat Sanctuary (TWS) and The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) know only too well the enormity of such a task. But without our lifesaving efforts, many animals...

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Can we rescue our way out of the captive wildlife crisis?

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The Wildcat Sanctuary’s director has a quote that often rings in my head. “We cannot rescue ourselves out of the captive wildlife crisis.” I’ve only been at the Sanctuary a short time and I humbly admit now that when I started here I thought we COULD rescue our way...

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Tim Harrison’s account of what happened that night in Zanesville, Ohio

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The following account and opinion is that of Timothy Harrison from Outreach for Animals ( "I was shocked by what John Moore said because he was not with the officers when I understood the actual shooting began. The cages were all cut so as the...

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Cat-created Holiday Art Auction ends 12-12-12

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Get your cat-created, one of a kind art in time for the holidays.  Sure to be a purrfect present for your loved ones.  What a great way to support the work of The Wildcat Sanctuary and be a holiday hero, all at the same time! The proceeds raised during this year's holiday...

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Help share our Bengal Mark’s vision for the future

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When you're caring for 100+ wild cats, there never seems to be a day without an issue. That's why we're so vigilant about observing every detail about changes in our cats' behavior and appearance. A few months ago, we noticed our F1 Bengal cat Mark having a problem with his...

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Help jumpstart GIVE TO THE MAX day

Help jumpstart GIVE TO THE MAX day

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 Help jumpstart GIVE TO THE MAX DAY It’s only 2 weeks until the largest one-day fundraising event in the world!  Thanks to our matching grants, this is a day when you’ll see your donation have the most impact.  Plus, there are random hourly prizes and a grand prize...

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Our thoughts are with those impacted by Hurricane Sandy

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Sadly, not too long ago, we saw firsthand the devastating power of nature. When Duluth was overcome by unprecedented flooding, our hearts broke that zoo animals and pets lost their lives. People’s homes and the lives they knew were destroyed by the onslaught of rising...

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