Leisha the lynx has exciting news for the holidays!

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Many people go home for the holidays! Well at TWS this week, residents moved to bigger homes for the holidays, including Leisha the Eurasian Lynx. Because of your generosity, earlier this month tigers Ekaterina and Sierra moved into their new free-roaming habitat in Wild...

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Where Should The Cities 97 Sampler 23 Proceeds Go?

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This year, Cities 97 received 412 applications from local Minnesota charities for Sampler proceeds. It is your dollars that purchase the Cities Sampler each year and they feel your input is vital to how they distribute the nearly $800,000 raised from the sale of Sampler 23 so...

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Aztec returns to TWS – Leaving a legacy for your pets

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In memory 2012 Today, I had to say goodbye to a friend and teacher. He had a way of making everyone he came in contact with feel very special, especially me.  Over a decade, he had returned to the Sanctuary three times.  Each time, it was after his caregiver had passed...

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Dragon the serval told us it was time to let go

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We have experienced a devastating loss here at the Sanctuary this week.  Dragon the serval has passed and left us with unanswered questions why.  He was a happy healthy cat one day then the next was severely ill.  Our team of vets drew blood, took x-rays and ran tests but...

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Your votes won $25K for the cats!

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November 22nd - Your votes won $25K for TWS’ cats!  1,714 of you voted for The Wildcat Sanctuary in the Chase Community Giving Program and it paid off!  Thank you. Are you aware that The Wildcat Sanctuary is participating in the Chase community giving program on...

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Will You Help Tobie Find a Forever Home?

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Kittens Rescued from Culvert After Mother Hit by Car The Wildcat Sanctuary received a call from a cabin owner in Hinckley, MN where a mother cat was hit dead on the road and her kittens were hiding in the culvert. We could not turn our back on these kittens in need, so...

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Small Cats Need Big Help

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Ciega after the surgery - Thank you supporters Ciega seems much happier now that the pressure is gone from her eye.  Because of your generosity, Ciega can live a better life and knows that helping one cat is just as important as the hundred we have rescued and call TWS home. ...

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New Wildcat Sanctuary Video

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Thank you to HDMG ( for our wonderful new Wildcat Sanctuary video that showcases the sanctuary and highlights the captive wildlife crisis. Please take a moment to check it...

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Good Morning America interview – widow to reclaim animal survivors

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The Wildcat Sanctuary has offered permanent sanctuary to the surviving cats of the Ohio tragedy. Thompson's widow pursues reclaiming and taking possession of animals who survived the Ohio...

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TWS Cats Put Their Paws to Paint

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The cats (and keepers) were hard at work as they created their paintings, beautiful works of art and decoupage frames to raise money for animal care supplies. Using a  non-toxic, washable, vegetable based safe paint these cats rolled, shredded, rubbed and flipped to ensure...

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