Sophie & Sierra – a bond that will last forever

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It has been just over a decade since we rescued two huskies, Sophie and Sierra. Coming from a puppy mill they had an understandable distrust of humans. This adversity brought them closer together and they were to embark on their new journey at TWS as an unbreakable team.  While...

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Gabby may feel no pain, but she has strong feelings about helping animals

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Gabby a girl from Big Lake, MN has a rare condition that does not allow her to feel pain but her heart is full of feelings for helping animals.  Long time TWS supporters, Gary and JoAnn Fink, informed us about Gabby and her passion for animals and becoming a wildlife...

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Tiger awaiting rescue in Texas

Federal Laws

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What is the Captive Wildlife Crisis? The captive wildlife crisis has plagued our back yards.  We hear about it in the news, see it on our favorite television shows and commercial advertisements, they are at our local fairs. You see the ads for a circuses coming to town,...

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Minn. Wildcat Sanctuary Expands; Needs Donations

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by Dan Hanger & photojournalist Adam Jagunich, FOX 21 News SANDSTONE, Minn. -The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minn., needs help building a bigger habitat for newly rescued tigers. One-hundred twenty wildcats now call the sanctuary home, including six new tigers, which...

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PEIVDF Dentists

Open Up and Say Ahhhh… Tiger and cougar at The Wildcat Sanctuary received dental care

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Try to imagine you're a Bengal tiger with a painful toothache. Now imagine you’re the dentist who needs to perform a root canal on the 500-pound animal. It is not unusual for large cats rescued by The Wildcat Sanctuary to have dental disease that impacts their quality...

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Titan the Bengal tiger

Tiger and cougar at The Wildcat Sanctuary to receive dental care

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My, what big teeth you have... Tiger and cougar at The Wildcat Sanctuary to receive dental care See the WCCO News Coverage Try to imagine you're a Bengal tiger with a painful toothache. Now imagine you’re the dentist who needs to perform a root canal on the 500-pound...

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Zeus Moves to Wild Woodlands!

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Our first resident has moved into the new Wild Woodlands area and he is very glad to be there.  Zeus was moved down to his new 5600 square foot habitat complete with a brand new perch.  We even brought down his favorite kiddie pool so he wouldn't be lonely.  [caption...

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Fatal Attractions Episode "Big Cats" featuring Titan and Lilly is Genesis Award Nominee

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Every year, The Genesis Awards pays tribute to the major news and entertainment media for producing outstanding works that raise public awareness of animal issues. The 25th Anniversary Genesis Awards will be Saturday, March 19, 2011, at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los...

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Double Your Donations with the Match Program

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[caption id="attachment_442" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Lilly lounging on her perch"][/caption] Greetings from The Wildcat Sanctuary, it's me Lilly your Ambassador cat.  I'm here with some great news about your donations.  Our Miracle Match program will kick off...

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Wild Woodlands Update

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It has been a long, chilly and snow filled winter here at The Wildcat Sanctuary.  Just when things were starting to let up, the snow was melting and the sun was warm, a blast of snow came once again.  We have been working on building out our new area called Wild Woodlands for...

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