Rock Art Imagery memorializes TWS residents

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At The Wildcat Sanctuary, the cats we rescue touch so many lives.  Even when they leave us, their stories and their legacy continue to inspire us all. Whenever one of our cats passes on, Julie Michels, of Rock Art Imagery, paints an exact likeness of the cat on a rock and...

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Show your WILD side with The Wildcat Sanctuary Facebook Timeline cover shots!

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If you’re a Facebook user, you've heard that the time has come to jazz up your own personal site.  With the introduction of Facebook’s new Timeline Profile, you can show how much you love wild cats and help spread the word about The Wildcat Sanctuary – all at the same...

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At TWS, our donors truly are our family

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Naomi Wikane grew up on a farm respecting all animals, both domestic and wild.  She watched cats do what they do best on a farm, keep the mice/rat population down.  She watched chickens provide eggs.  She enjoyed the companionship of dogs. But, Naomi was shocked to find...

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Valentine’s Day – The Difference a Simple Card can Make

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A decade ago, Eileen and Carl Adamec received a very special Valentine’s Day card from a friend.  It was a card that would change their lives and open their hearts to a whole new circle of friends. Their friend, Linda Baumann, sent them a Valentine’s Day card from The...

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The Wolfs have a love for tigers!

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Joe and Shirley Wolf have been TWS donors for almost five years and support the Sanctuary because of their love for wild cats.  As Joe said “I have always been fascinated by tigers:  they are beautiful but at the same time powerful.  They will always be wild, no matter how...

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Watch the wild cats tear into their holiday gifts!

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How do exotic cats celebrate Christmas? Watch this video and see them play in freshly fallen snow, get prepared for Santa and tear into their gifts Christmas morning! Happy Holidays...

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Cody the cougar gets treatment for his arthritis.

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Cody the cougar still feels pain from his past abuse. Unfortunately due to his terrible four-paw declaw and the fact that he was facing starvation, he is having pain from severe arthritis. It is essential that cats get the proper nourishment in that this keeps fluid in...

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Leisha the lynx has exciting news for the holidays!

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Many people go home for the holidays! Well at TWS this week, residents moved to bigger homes for the holidays, including Leisha the Eurasian Lynx. Because of your generosity, earlier this month tigers Ekaterina and Sierra moved into their new free-roaming habitat in Wild...

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Aztec returns to TWS – Leaving a legacy for your pets

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In memory 2012 Today, I had to say goodbye to a friend and teacher. He had a way of making everyone he came in contact with feel very special, especially me.  Over a decade, he had returned to the Sanctuary three times.  Each time, it was after his caregiver had passed...

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Dragon the serval told us it was time to let go

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We have experienced a devastating loss here at the Sanctuary this week.  Dragon the serval has passed and left us with unanswered questions why.  He was a happy healthy cat one day then the next was severely ill.  Our team of vets drew blood, took x-rays and ran tests but...

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