Won’t You Help Feed a Feline Today at The Wildcat Sanctuary?

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Feeding big cats is a big job. Tonka the tiger is the largest cat at the Sanctuary.  He was a former exhibit cat living in a small, non-compliant enclosure prior to arriving at The Wildcat Sanctuary. Thanks to you, Tonka now has room to roam. His natural enclosure...

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Sponsor a Wild One

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“If I were to come back as a tiger, I would want to live out my days at The Wildcat Sanctuary.” Dr. Ronald Tilson - Senior Conservation Advisor and World-Renowned Tiger Expert/Researcher   Our SPONSOR-A-WILD-ONE program let's you feel a special connection to our...

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Commemorative Bricks & Benches

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Purchasing a commemorative brick or a bench is a perfect for family, friends and pets.  Your purchase will also help care for the animals at The Wildcat Sanctuary including food, enrichment, enclosures and much more. For as little as $100 you can be a part of The Sanctuary by...

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Other ways to help TWS

Other ways to help…

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Touching people one by one will make a meaningful difference. Schools: Meet with your school's teachers and principal and let them know that you don't want wild animals brought into the schools. It is dangerous for the kids and the people who do that can only use the animals...

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Donate to the Memorial Medical Fund

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If you own a pet, you know how quickly medical expenses add up. When they’re young, there’s the cost of spaying/neutering and vaccinations. As they age, there’s the cost of the typical aches, pains, and diseases associated with growing old. The expenses we face for our...

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Sabrina the Sumatran/Bengal tiger

Help Us Complete Wild Woodlands

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  Your support has allowed us to build Small Cat Track, Hybrid Haven, Roar Ridge and Cougar Cove. Each of these areas provide free roaming habitats for the wildcats that reside at the Sanctuary. Donate to Wild Woodlands Today!! $25  [Add to Cart] $50  [Add to...

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Halifax the African serval

Memorial Garden

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The Wildcat Sanctuary Memorial Garden construction is in progress. The area allows staff, volunteers, and our generous donors to celebrate the lives of the animals that are no longer with us. We can gather here while watching Titan and Lilly play...

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