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South Dakota wants public input about proposed bobcat trapping season

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Email your comments to: The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department will consider creating a bobcat hunting season for all or parts of East River if public support can be found for the idea. There could be some bad news for bobcats making their...

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Citizens speak up against shooting of cougar in Minnesota

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HUMANS VS. NATURE Shooting of cougar is disappointing A rare cougar was shot in southwestern Minnesota ("Shot fells elusive cougar chased out of culvert," Dec. 2). Again, the inclination is to pick up a gun and kill an animal that lived in this state until extermination...

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The Wildcat Sanctuary named one of the country’s top charities

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November 30, 2011 (Sandstone, MN)  Minnesota’s own, The Wildcat Sanctuary, has been named one of the Top 100 organizations in the country by Chase Community Giving.  Placing 33rd among all smaller non-profits in the US, the sanctuary will receive a much needed grant of...

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Your Votes Won Big Bucks for Big Cats

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November 22nd - Your votes won $25K for TWS' cats!  1,714 of you voted for The Wildcat Sanctuary in the Chase Community Giving Program and it paid off!  Thank you. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sandstone, MN - November 14, 2011 - Voting for your favorite singer, your...

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CNN iReport – Wild at Heart at The Wildcat Sanctuary

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  iReport — Wildlife conservationist and CNN Ireporter Brian Czarnik (Brian's Art for Animals) was helping out at the Wildcat Sanctuary in MN when the news of the tragic event in Ohio broke through the animal world. "It was devastating news, unreal to think...

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Could Exotic Animals Be Set Loose in Iowa – TWS Director’s Response at Conference

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  The Iowa Animal Rescue League answers yes, wild animals could be set loose here. But unlike Ohio, where the incident happened, Iowa has stricter laws. Thanks to the Dangerous Wild Animal Act of 2007, the Iowa Dept. of Agriculture can invade any property...

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Sandstone Wildcat Sanctuary Reacts to Ohio Exotic Extermination

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Watch Video Here by Jacob Kittilstad and photojournalist Adam Jagunich, KQDS FOX 21 MUSKINGUM COUNTY-Ohio authorities continue unlocking details about an animal collector’s suicide that led to the death of four dozen exotic pets. Dying by the bullets of Muskingum...

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Wildcat Sanctuary’s Response to Ohio Tragedy

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Everyone is waking up today asking, “How can this happen?” A man, convicted of animal cruelty years prior, commits the ultimate act of cruelty.  He opens his wild animals’ enclosures, animals flee, scared and confused.  They don’t know what to do, they don’t know...

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One supporter’s lesson on effective advocating

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Sometimes, it's not just the donations or working outside at the sanctuary that makes a difference.  It's a letter, or tons of letters, written on behalf of captive exotic animals everywhere.  We are so proud of our supporters who stand up, speak up, and advocate so well on...

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The Wildcat Sanctuary’s Director to Give Keynote Address

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The Wildcat Sanctuary's Director, Tammy Thies, to give keynote address at this year's Iowans for Animal Welfare 2011 Conference.  The topic will be The Captive Wildlife Crisis - Inspiring to Keep the Wild in Your Heart Not Your Home.  To register and see details of the event...

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