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Wildcat Sanctuary’s Response to Ohio Tragedy

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Everyone is waking up today asking, “How can this happen?” A man, convicted of animal cruelty years prior, commits the ultimate act of cruelty.  He opens his wild animals’ enclosures, animals flee, scared and confused.  They don’t know what to do, they don’t know...

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One supporter’s lesson on effective advocating

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Sometimes, it's not just the donations or working outside at the sanctuary that makes a difference.  It's a letter, or tons of letters, written on behalf of captive exotic animals everywhere.  We are so proud of our supporters who stand up, speak up, and advocate so well on...

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The Wildcat Sanctuary’s Director to Give Keynote Address

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The Wildcat Sanctuary's Director, Tammy Thies, to give keynote address at this year's Iowans for Animal Welfare 2011 Conference.  The topic will be The Captive Wildlife Crisis - Inspiring to Keep the Wild in Your Heart Not Your Home.  To register and see details of the event...

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Rare Black Jaguar and 3 Cougars at The Wildcat Sanctuary go Under the Drill

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Pain-free dentistry is all the rage.  But, the tooth – er, truth – is that if you’re a jaguar or a cougar, it sure better be pain free! Imagine the brave dentist willing to pull the tooth of a 16 year old, 200 pound jaguar with a bad toothache?  Or how about the nerve...

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Tiger expert, Dr. Ron Tilson, visits TWS

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Widely regarded as one of the world's foremost tiger experts, Dr. Ron Tilson, former Conservation Director for the Minnesota Zoo, visited The Wildcat Sanctuary in July.  Dr. Tilson came with a documentary film crew that is working on a special on the Captive Wildlife Crisis and...

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TWS’ Director, Tammy Thies, on History Channel’s MonsterQuest

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Minn. Wildcat Sanctuary Expands; Needs Donations

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by Dan Hanger & photojournalist Adam Jagunich, FOX 21 News SANDSTONE, Minn. -The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minn., needs help building a bigger habitat for newly rescued tigers. One-hundred twenty wildcats now call the sanctuary home, including six new tigers, which...

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Dentists give tiger 4 root canals

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –- Dentists from across the country came to Minnesota Saturday to perform multiple root canals on a 15-year-old Bengal tiger named Titan. Titan’s four fangs, which are about as long as a human finger, needed root canals. While all 500 pounds of...

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Tiger and cougar at The Wildcat Sanctuary to receive dental care

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My, what big teeth you have... Tiger and cougar at The Wildcat Sanctuary to receive dental care See the WCCO News Coverage Try to imagine you're a Bengal tiger with a painful toothache. Now imagine you’re the dentist who needs to perform a root canal on the 500-pound...

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Sounds of the Sanctuary – MN Public Radio

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by Marc Sanchez, Minnesota Public Radio October 15, 2010 Sandstone, Minn. — When people think of all the animals that call Minnesota home - bears, deer, rabbits, loons - most tend to leave out the African cats. Lions, tigers, and leopards are a few of the breeds housed...

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