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Best Friends Magazine features The Wildcat Sanctuary

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We're thrilled to be featured in the September/October 2012 issue of BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE, which is now online. At the link below, you'll find a six page article about our Sanctuary and our "No More Wild Pets" campaign.  It showcases a lot of wonderful photos of our cats,...

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Bobcat kittens rescued from Lake Tahoe fire are thriving now, to be released

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Chips, the bobcat kitten that attracted national attention after she was rescued by firefighters from the Chips Fire near Lake Almanor, has made a full recovery, a new friend and soon will have a new home. On the Internet: Can't get enough of Chips? You can...

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The Wildcat Sanctuary featured in Atlanta Marathon thanks to runner Thad Dickinson

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We hear from so many, “How can I help?” or “I wish I could help.”  Thad Dickinson took that wish and made it a reality in such a great way! After watching “The Elephant in the Living Room” and witnessing the massacre of dozens of exotic animals in Zanesville,...

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Zanesville Sheriff Lutz joins Sanctuary directors lobbying for new exotic animal laws

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The Wildcat Sanctuary's Executive Director Tammy Thies met with Congressional Representatives this week lobbying for passage of HR 4122 - The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act. Muskingham County Sheriff Matt Lutz also spoke to Representatives relating his personal...

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Elephant in the Living Room reveals chilling story of exotic pet ownership

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As a police officer in Ohio, Tim Harrison was well aware of the exotic pet trade, having been called on to deal with bears, alligators, wild cats and deadly snakes that were kept as pets and later became a danger to the community. It no longer surprises Harrison that there is...

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Check out The Wildcat Sanctuary’s Jungle Boogie on October 7 – TV VIDEO REPORT

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WATCH VIDEO HERE - MINNEAPOLIS -- The Wildcat Sanctuary's signature event, Jungle Boogie, is just around the corner. This year's event is themed Panther on the Prowl, following the footsteps of Pink Panther. The...

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Wildcat Sanctuary concerned about tiger owned by Chisago County woman

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Tammy Thies runs the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone. She says the facility was set up 12 years ago because people foolishly want animals like tigers for pets. "We have so many wonderful dogs and cats that are euthanized each year that need homes. We don't need to create...

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The Wildcat Sanctuary chosen by USDA for 64th Annual Honor Award

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The Wildcat Sanctuary was selected by Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack as a recipient of the 64th Annual Honor Award. These awards are the most prestigious awards presented by the USDA, given only to those teams and individuals whose work reflects the Department’s core value...

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Tiger Rescue Center Closing After 20 Years

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VIDEO REPORT HERE ASHLAND, Ohio - A northern Ohio rescue center that took in tigers for over 20 years is closing. Denise Flores is the owner of Tiger Paw Exotic Rescue Center. She said that she is losing her home, while finding homes for her four remaining cats. "I...

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Tiger Paws rescue center 1

Aging tigers can’t stay at Tiger Paws Rescue Center PHOTO SLIDESHOW

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Denise Flores completed a familiar chore Sunday morning -- using a garden hose to fill metal bowls with water for her tigers. Taz loped toward the bowl from inside his cage, then began licking the steady stream of water as it arced into the bowl. One paw came up...

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