Give to the Max Day raises $88,000 for The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Give to the Max Day raises $88,000 for The Wildcat Sanctuary.

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Your kindness raised more than $88,000 for The Wildcat Sanctuary during Give to the Max Day yesterday.  1398 donations took place on our Razoo page with 583 individual donors giving yesterday! Your outpouring of support will provide food and shelter for Sanctuary residents, decrease the numbers of wild cats being kept as pets, and educate future generations to keep the wild in their heart, not their home. 

A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU from Rio and Nikko (above) and ALL of us at TWS!

Here are the results:

  • $51,629 individual donations through Razoo (in the spirit of giving, we counted those that came in a little after 11:59)
  • $30,000 of matching grants (a percentage was not given through Razoo)
  • $1,000 Golden ticket
  • $6,000 in prize grants from being on the leader boards
  • Total: $88,629

Watch the thank you video from the cats here!

Read the Star Tribune article on Give to the Max Day here!

You proved once again that animals deserve compassion and dignity with your generosity to so many animal organizations yesterday during Give to the Max Day, including TWS!




Thursday, November 15th

Can we top last year’s 24 hours of giving?

Thanks to our amazing supporters, it was one of our biggest fundraisers,
providing so much for our cats in JUST ONE DAY of giving.

Let’s do it again!

It’s only 2 weeks until the largest one-day fundraising event in the world!  Thanks to our matching grants, this is a day when you’ll see your donation have the most impact.  Plus, there are random hourly prizes and a grand prize worth $1000’s of dollars we can win for the cats, too!

You can go ahead and schedule a donation today that will automatically be applied on November 15th for you.  We all have busy schedules, we overlook reminders, we mean to do something, but we forget. So why not take a moment today to make a donation that could be doubled, or tripled, or more on November 15th?

NOTE – All donations must be scheduled HERE in order for us to qualify for prize money. Please note that you will want to click on the schedule link on this page.


GIVE TO THE MAX is ONE day of giving, sponsored by, encouraging support of Minnesota nonprofits. Anyone, anywhere in the country can donate, simply using the Razoo page we set up.

Won’t you give on November 15 to help the cats?

With’s help, we’re able to reach supporters and donors at the lowest possible cost.  This means more of the dollars you donate on this day go directly to the care and feeding of our rescued wild cats.

As a TWS supporter, you know how much that means to all of us at the Sanctuary and, most of all, to the cats who have found their forever home here. Gifts from Give to the Max Day enabled tigers like Ekaterina and Sierra to move into their free-roaming habitat in Wild Woodlands. These funds helped us save four bobcats destined for life in a tiny cage, with no enrichment, their feet never to touch grass. Your generous support also helped us save Nikita and Tasha II from lives of darkness and abuse.

Because of donors like you. we were able to get on the leaderboard last year and be recognized by other nonprofits as leaders in our field. Most importantly. we were able to make Give to the Max Day one of our biggest fundraisers and provide substantial contributions to our cause – in JUST ONE DAY!

Thank you for making this possible! Please join us as we gear up for Give to the Max 2012!

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