Help keep the wild ones warm by becoming a Holiday Hero!

Help keep the wild ones warm by becoming a Holiday Hero!

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This holiday season you can give a gift that is both heartwarming and habitat warming. As most of you know, it gets cold in Minnesota!

Some winter days here are well below zero and it is our job to keep all of our cats warm and safe from the elements. Now YOU can be a Holiday Hero and help keep our residents warm and cozy all winter long!

As you might imagine, keeping more than 100 cats of all sizes and origins warm is a big job. Our electric bill alone will reach more than $3000 a month this winter and it will take hundreds of gallons of propane to operate the in-floor heating system in our five main animal buildings.

Declawed cats, like Diablo Guapo, a black jaguar, can suffer during the harsh Minnesota winters without proper care. Diablo Guapo was declawed on all four feet by his first owner to try and make him safe for exhibiting on television. After his appearances, he ended up at a facility in Colorado. When the facility was not receiving enough funding to continue to care for the animals, they were forced to place them with other rescue organizations. Diablo Guapo and four other cats came to TWS Diablo Guapo spends much of his time in his heated indoor area, tenderly venturing out when the weather is nice. Staff caters to his special winter needs, giving him indoor enrichment, a heated building and shoveling paths and perches outdoors.

YOU have helped us provide our residents with spacious habitats, nutritious food and shelter from the extreme weather conditions. You have been their guardian!

Won’t you continue to be their hero by becoming a Holiday Hero? Donations of $100, $50 or even $25 will go a long way to insure each cat at the Sanctuary is provided with heated dens, bedding and temperature-controlled shelters. Your heartwarming holiday gift means warm paws for Diablo Guapo and all the residents at the Sanctuary!

Even better, you can give your gift in someone’s name and make them a Holiday Hero too!

For the animals,
Tammy Thies
Executive Director

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