Jungle Boogie – A wild night to benefit the cats!

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Thank you to everyone who came together to make this year’s Jungle Boogie a wonderful dsc_2994lrsuccess! Our annual gala is an important event for us to be able to connect with our supporters in a fun and celebratory way.

Big ROARs of appreciation to our event sponsors – The Mary L. Kenzie Foundation, RE/MAX Results, and My Pillow, as well as to our Patron Table sponsors; Pets Remembered Cremation, Ray & Rita Quist of RE/MAX Results, Simoneliers, Calliemochos, Purrfect 10, and Megan Olejniczak, and many other sponsors. We’re so proud to have so much support! Thank you!

This year, we took the opportunity to bring a focused educational message to our guests in adsc_2958lr totally unique way. White Parties are all the rage and have been held to celebrate birthdays, raise awareness of various issues, and even to celebrate the dawn of Spring. The common theme is the color – white. Everything white!

We took that idea and put our own twist on it by throwing a White Tiger Party. Along with the celebratory toasts, silent auction wins, and delicious dinner, we were able to educate so many about the sad reality behind the breeding of white tigers. So few know the truth. 

TWS is currently home to four white tigers, Nikita, Callie, Jeremy, and Simon. Though Sierra, another white tiger wdsc_2940lre rescued, has passed, she’s always in our heart, too. Just as it’s important to celebrate their rescue and new lives at TWS, it’s also important to understand why they needed rescue in the first place.

Our educational message was very well received.  It included a Truth About White Tigers education booth, hosted by our Sanctuary Manager.  Tigers in America provided an educational video that enlightened our guests about the plight of white tigers and the issue of inbreeding. Our printed program also contained educational articles about the plight of white tigers.

During dinner, we shared a video of Simon and Jeremy we hope will help end inbreeding.

We also gave special recognition to Dr. Micky Trent, Dr. Ralph Weichselbaum and Lynn Krapf for their extraordinary efforts to help the cats this year. We welcome each of them to the Lion Pride!

Thank you to everyone who attended, donated a silent auction items, bought raffle tickets, or helped spread the word! Jungle Boogie was a wild success!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Jeremy & Simon Lead Event Sponsor:


Callie Major Event Sponsor:



Nikita Supporting Event Sponsor:

Other Sponsors:






Thank you to our Patron Tables!

Purrfect 10



Ray & Rita Quist  

The Mary L Kenzie Foundation

Megan Olejniczak


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