Help Keep A Wild One warm this winter


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Ekat_PCML 2 FEB 13_114What is a Bengal tiger rescued from Texas to do on a cold Minnesota Day?  Play of course.  That is if you are Ekaterina and live at the Wildcat Sanctuary.

Your support brings joy to Ekaterina and every tiger that now calls TWS home. 

Donate Donate $500
Donate $250 Donate $100
Donate $50 Donate $25

Is there another amount you’d like to give? Or, do you live outside the US?

If you’re DONATING FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY or you want to DONATE ANY OTHER AMOUNT, simply click the DONATE button below and fill in the amount you’d like to give for the cats.

With your generous help, they will all stay warm this winter!

Ekat_DSC_0009Ekaterina was born in 2000 to an exploitative breeder in Ohio, along with another tiger, Sierra.  This breeder charged the public to pet and have photos taken with adult lions and tigers that were declawed and often chained.  The breeder was eventually shut down.  Then in 2010, Ekaterina moved to a facility in Texas but that facility closed due to lack of funds. Now because of YOU, she will spend the rest of her life wild at heart at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

This season, you can give a gift that is both heartwarming and habitat warming. As most of you know, it gets cold in Minnesota!

Many winter days here are well below zero and it is our job to keep all of our cats warm and safe from the elements. Now YOU can be a Hero and help keep our residents warm and cozy all winter long!

As you might imagine, keeping more than 100 cats of all sizes and origins warm is a big job. Our electric bill alone will reach more than $3500 aEkat_DSC_0022 (2) month this winter and it will take hundreds of gallons of propane to operate the in-floor heating system in our five main animal buildings.

Won’t you help? Donations of $100, $50 or even $25 will go a long way to insure each cat at the Sanctuary is provided with heated dens, bedding and temperature-controlled shelters. Your heartwarming gift means warm paws for Ekaterina and all the residents at the Sanctuary!

Even better, you can give your gift in someone’s name and make them a Hero, too!

Any gifts received in excess of the program amount will be used toward daily care of the animals and operation of the sanctuary.

Featured image:  Lilly the tiger enjoys her jolly ball on a Minnesota snowy day.


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