You can help Raven with his dental surgery


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ravenEveryone with a cat in the family knows the feeling you get when you notice something’s wrong.

Our little Raven has always been one of the greatest eaters but, last week, we noticed a lump on his chin and a decrease in his appetite.  As with so many bengals, he’s had a history of chronic dental disease so we whisked him right away to the vet.  They found Raven needed immediate surgery to remove two mobile and inflamed incisors.  He’s now on a course of antibiotics to prepare him for the next round of surgery he’ll need to remove more impacted teeth at the University of Minnesota.

This will be Raven’s third dental surgery, in addition to the luxating patella surgery he had in the past.  Medical care is the most important thing we provide for the cats, in addition to good nutrition and safe shelter. As you can imagine, medical care is also the most expensive part of the care we provide.

We’ve already spent $514 this week on Raven’s dental surgery and we expect next week’s medical bills to be that or more.  We’re hoping to raise $1000 to cover Raven’s current medical bills.

Would you be able to help?  Raven will be so happy to be pain-free soon and we’ll be so relieved to see him back to his old self again.

You can donate below.  (Please be sure to note the gift is for Raven’s surgery in the notes section)  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY

*Any funds in excess of $1000 raised will be used for other cats’ medical bills here at The Wildcat Sanctuary.



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