Layla the tiger rescued from WAOIn 2010, The Wildcat Sanctuary accepted nine cats from the Wild Animal Orphanage in Texas as part of a big cat rescue after they closed down due to funding issues.

Layla was born in 1991 and originated in Mississippi as a privately owned exotic pet.  Layla has a very calm demeanor but occasionally gets the sudden urge to run around her habitat usually with a piece of food hanging from her mouth.  Given her age and her shy temperment, this usually makes for a good laugh for anyone watching.  She is also very curious but slow to accept anything new.  She really enjoys lounging in her pool on hot summer days and soaking up some rays on her perch.

Layla is a favorite among staff.  She has a funny way of talking, its sort of like she is trying to whisper a moan, very adorable.

You can help provide daily care for Layla by becoming her sponsor.  Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.


Layla sleeping on her perch Layla the tiger