Titan the Bengal tiger

Titan, born in 1996, came to TWS in 2006 after his owner was tragically killed by another tiger, Tango.  Authorities called TWS to help with the emergency, however it was too late for both the owner and Tango.  Titan along with another tiger, Lilly, were seized and placed with us.

Titan was severely malnourished upon arrival.  We believe his owner fell on hard financial times and just couldn’t afford the proper diet for the tigers.  Those close to the owner said she truly cared about the animals but sometimes that just isn’t enough, especially when it comes to housing potentially dangerous exotic animals.

Woman Mauled, Killed by Her Tiger 2006

Tiger that Killed Owner was Starving 4/12/2006

Today, Titan is thriving and living a very plush life here at the Sanctuary.  Although he came with Lilly, they were not living together before they arrived.  After a few years of living next to each other, it was obvious they wanted more so we decided to merge them together.  There were a few scuffles at first, but once they figured out their places, they’ve become inseparable. Lilly passed away in the summer of 2015.  Titan has adjusted well to living alone again and can be often found playing along the fence with tigress Sabrina.

Titan is a very relaxed cat, taking everything in stride.  His pool is definitely his favorite thing in the summer time and he loves to chase Lilly in and out of it splashing around.  Another favorite has to be the fire-hose hammock; big enough for two and very cozy.

You can help provide daily care for Titan by becoming his sponsor.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Titan_the_tiger_by_his_pool Titan_the_tiger_in_the_grass


A huge thank you goes to everyone who help build the habitat as well as our special donors who contributed funds:

  • Gary and JoAnn Fink
  • Ahimsa Foundation
  • Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indians
  • Dr. Linda A. Wolf of the James J. Wolf Family Foundation for Animals