Zeus the Bengal Tiger from WAO

Zeus, a Bengal tiger, has called TWS home since 2010.  He was born in 1998 and arrived here with five other big cats and three bobcats.  They were all living at Wild Animal Orphanage in Texas, when they were forced to close their doors.  In all, over 400 animals were rescued with this shutdown.

Zeus is a very special guy, his goofy personality can make anyone smile.  He was born in captivity, hand raised and has only ever known people.  While he has lived next to other tigers, he really isn’t too sure about them.  He is very chatty with people though and often moans and chuffs to anyone in hearing range.

He is very laid back and enjoys playing when he is in the mood.  Plastic kiddie pools are his favorite- when the keepers put one in his habitat he immediately runs and dives into it and begins licking it and rolling around.  He is irresistible and everyone who meets him instantly falls in love.

You can help provide daily care for Zeus by becoming his sponsor.  Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Zeus with his pool Zeus on his perch