Kashmir the chausie was dropped off at the animal humane society

Kashmir is a female Chausie, a hybrid between a domestic cat and Jungle Cat. She was surrendered to the Humane Society with three other exotic hybrids. The owner stated that the cats were soiling his house and wanted them euthanized. After putting one cat down, the Humane Society realized that these cats were not domestic and contacted TWS. We were so sad to hear one cat had already lost his life, but we were happy we could save the other three.

Kashmir, also known as Kashy, doesn’t seem to mind the winter. She runs out of her heated bungalow every time a caregiver passes by.  She comes to the front of the cage every day for a piece of chicken, which she takes very delicately from the caretakers.  She also likes to perch inside the tree and look out at all the other cats and her caretakers.

You can help provide daily care for Kashmir by sponsoring her today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.