Luna is a domestic Bengal cat. A nice couple had adopted Luna, but their existing cat was very aggressive towards her.  Luna would hide and no longer wanted to come out. Her owners knew this wasn’t the way they had ever wanted her to live.  They wanted to find a home for Luna where she didn’t have to hide.  They found The Wildcat Sanctuary and, luckily, we had the space to take Luna in.

Luna was born in 2000 and came here to the sanctuary in 2005.  When she wants food, she is one of our most vocal cats, and that’s why she’s earned the nickname “Luna Tunes” from the Sanctuary staff.

She lives in a fantastic enclosure for a Bengal cat.  Luna has an indoor and outdoor area that has everything from trees, perches, caves, and dens to an in-ground pool.  There is also a temperature-controlled, indoor building that provides shelter during the harsh Minnesota winters and warm summer days.  She enjoys the company of several other cats in her enclosure, too.

Luna’s days of hiding are far behind her.  It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you’ve made such a difference in the quality of life for a rescued wild cat.  You can have that feeling, too.  By becoming an annual sponsor for Luna, you’ll receive updates about her throughout the year, greeting cards, and photos.

Will you consider helping us support Luna and continue to make her life everything she ever wanted?



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