Max #2

Max #2 a bronw spotted Bengal

Max and Issy were a pair of Bengal cat siblings that were surrendered to a rescue group in Illinois. Though they were very outgoing with terrific personalities, they were inconsistent in using the litter box and therefore given up to the rescue group.  They were deemed unsuitable for adoption because of this and came to live with us here at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Max was born in 2002 and came to his forever home here at the sanctuary in 2008.  We were glad we were able to accept both Max and his sister Issy into our Bengal program at that time.  They both greeted the caretakers each time their habitat was entered and they would sit next to anyone, just waiting for attention.  Max was always a little more vocal than Issy and would talk to the caretakers whenever they were cleaning his habitat.

Mark_Max2_DSC_0266Sadly, and unexpectedly, Issy passed away in 2012 from soft tissue cancer.  Thankfully, Max has the comfort of living happily with other Bengal cats – Mark, Bullet, and Jewel.  They all live together in a bungalow with indoor and outdoor areas, complete with perches, hammocks, an in-ground pool, and plenty of room to play.  They also have an indoor area where they can escape from the harsh Minnesota winters and warm summer days.

You can help provide daily care for Max by sponsoring him today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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