Peekaboo a spotted Bengal cat

We received calls from a few people reporting that someone needed to place their jaguar or leopard that was living in a basement. We had heard a lot of stories, but this was a first. After further investigation, the cat in question was a Bengal an Asian Leopard cat/Domestic cat mix, not a Leopard or Jaguar.  He was born in 1997 and came to the sanctuary in 2003.

Peekaboo was extremely feral and very overweight.   He has lost a lot of the weight, but he still loves a snack of turkey or chicken in the morning.  He even comes to the door to meet the caretakers to be given chicken, which shows he has warmed up to the caretakers.

Peekaboo lives with several other Bengals in a bungalow with an indoor and outdoor area complete with trees, perches, hammocks, dens, and even an in-ground pool.  The bungalow even has an indoor area to escape the harsh Minnesota winters and warm summer days.

You can help provide daily care for Peekaboo by sponsoring him today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

What cat doesn't enjoy a nap in the sun

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