Sumatra the spotted Bengal

TWS was contacted by a Bengal rescue group in Colorado, where a large breeder was closing down and needed to place the cats that were not adoptable. They had several hybrid F3 Bengals that were unable to be socialized for adoption.  TWS was able to take nine of these cats and give them a forever home.  Sumatra was born in 2003 and came here to TWS in 2006.

Sumatra is one of the more socialized bengals of the group and will jump in her caretakers’ laps to be petted.  She is usually at the gate when the caretakers come into the enclosure and is ready for affection.  She’s very vocal and lets us know each time she wants to eat or get a treat.  She lives in a bungalow with an indoor and outdoor area along with several other cats to keep her company.  The outdoor area is complete with perches, hammocks, boulders to perch on, and an in-ground pool.

You can provide daily care for Sumatra by sponsoring her today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Sumatra plays with a stick

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