Luna’s life is one we see way too often.  As a bobcat, she should ‘ve been able to live wild in the woods.  But instead, Luna was born in captivity and sold to be a “pet.”

Sadly, we don’t know much about this little girl.  It’s almost as if the past three years of her life didn’t exist.  We may not be able to see the internal scars, but during the intake exam, we definitely saw the external scars and permanent damage to her body.

Luna had been front paw declawed to try and make her a safe pet.  Two of her amputated toes already have bone regrowth protruding from them. 

But that wasn’t the worst of it.  We’d heard her teeth had also been filed.  We assumed she would be missing the tips of her canines. But what we found broke our hearts. 

Her top canines had been cut off just outside of her gum line, while the bottom canines had been cut half way.  All four teeth had root pulp exposed.  The pain this poor girl must have endured is just unimaginable. 

When you have to disfigure an animal to try and keep it as a pet, it should be a clear sign the animal is not meant to be that.

The little information we have on Luna is her name and that she is approximately 3 years old.  We were also told she was purchased by someone who had too much discretionary income and then got bored of her.  We know she’s gone through multiple homes, but we don’t know how many or for how long.

What we do know is Luna is now safe!  Luna is at her forever home.  A home that will invest in expensive dental surgery to alleviate her pain.  A home that will monitor her front paws to make sure they don’t become infected.  A home where she will finally get to be a bobcat, living wild at heart. 

Welcome home dear, Luna.  We love you already!

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