Morgan the bobcat found in Ritz Carlton

Morgan, a 9 month old bobcat was found in a Ritz Carlton Hotel room in San Diego, CA. Apparently, a worker brought her across the border as a baby.  When she became too much for him to handle, he abandoned her in a room at the hotel.

She was rescued by the California Wildlife Center in hopes that she could be rehabbed and released back into the wild. However, once DNA testing was performed on her, it couldn’t confirm that she was indeed a wild-born bobcat.  Therefore, she could not be legally released. The California Wildlife Center began the search for a permanent home where she could be with her own kind. Morgan Fairchild reached out to some of her contacts and was able to assist in finding a new home for her here at The Wildcat Sanctuary where she arrived in 2007.

Morgan and KittyMany people came to the rescue of this little bobcat, including actress Morgan Fairchild.  That’s why it seemed more than fitting to name her Morgan. Morgan Fairchild has her story still featured on her Activism web page.

Morgan eagerly joined Shalico, a young Canada Lynx in his enclosure with two other lynx. Morgan quickly became smitten with Shalico and followed him everywhere. When he ate, she ate. When he napped, she napped. Years later, they have both grown up and still remain good friends, as you see in the pictures below.

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