Scooter the bobcat a former wild pet

Minnesota’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center received a call from a West St. Paul, Minnesota resident who said he was rescuing a bobcat from his neighbor. Apparently, the neighbor said his bobcat “pet” was destroying his house and he was planning to let it go free outside. Not a wise decision for a domesticated wild animal!

Since The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center only works with wild born animals that can be released back into the wild, they referred the call to The Wildcat Sanctuary. Scooter was surrendered to us in 2001, within hours of the call.  The staff fell in love with Scooter, especially that cute pink nose of his!


Around the age of two, a bobcat’s demeanor generally changes from adolescent to adult. Scooter, once docile at feeding time, has become an aggressive eater. His low, throaty growl lets everyone know that Scooter insists on being fed first. He’ll growl until he gets his food, then purrs while he’s eating.  His noises continue the whole time he’s eating, which has the staff saying “Scooter sings for his supper!”

We’re so happy that we were able to intercede and bring Scooter here to live out  his days at the Sanctuary.  He truly lives wild at heart with many others of his species.

When we agree to rescue a cat like this, we commit to many, many years of providing them the best of care.  Without our sponsors, this would be impossible to do. Would you consider helping us by sponsoring Scooter today?