Tractor the bobcat, a former wild pet

Tractor, a bobcat, was living in a suburban home where he was making it difficult to have visitors and was marking territory by spraying. He was bonded to his owner and initially had a difficult time accepting his new caregivers. But, now that he’s been with us for many years, he loves living wild at heart.  He lives peacefully in a habitat with other bobcats and enjoys the freedom to do as he pleases here at the Sanctuary.

People always wonder about the names some of our cats have.  When his owner told her father, “I got a bobcat.” The father’s response was, “Why do you need a tractor?” And the name stuck.

Tractor likes all sorts of toys including balls, hammocks and catnip boxes. But his favorite things in the world are vegetables – he’ll pass up a piece of chicken any day for a cucumber or pumpkin.  It’s a great form of enrichment for him and keeps him busy as the other bobcats watch, wondering what in the world he’s doing!

In 2010, Keepers noticed a change in Tractor’s walking due to arthritis.  Specialists were able to perform an innovative surgery to help Tractor. Read about Tractor’s hip surgery.

You can help provide daily care for Tractor by sponsoring him today.  Your support is greatly appreciated.