Kitty the Canadian Lynx was a former wild pet

Kitty, a Canada lynx, was rescued at a young age by a woman who saw her being mistreated. Kitty became part of their family and was provided good care. When they were relocated for their work, the laws in the new area would not permit Kitty. This happens so many times to people who own exotic animals.  Though it might be legal when they get them, laws change, families are relocated or split up, and the animal is left homeless.

KittyLuckily, this family did quite a bit of research and made an emotional decision to place Kitty in a sanctuary. They researched many facilities before they contacted The Wildcat Sanctuary. They even accompanied Kitty on her arrival to help her make a smooth transition. The owners continued to support Kitty and her care for several years. This is very rare since most owners rarely continue to help with the expenses of their cats, once we take them in.  It’s a sad reality.

She is a very good girl and we are happy to have her as part of our feline family.

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