Ramsey the Canadian Lynx was a former wild petWe received several calls from a gentleman who was upset that Ramsey, a Canada lynx, was ruining his furniture and condo. He admitted he bought him off the internet and thought he’d make a great pet. He called several times wanting us to provide a solution for Ramsey’s aggressiveness towards visitors and destructive urination.

Several times, we offered to take him in, if the owner would provide or pay for transportation. But the owner knew he had him illegally and believed he may get prosecuted at the airport. He even said he was going to falsify the airline bill to say Ramsey was a domestic cat.

Eventually, he took the risk and Ramsey was sent to TWS.  The owner also agreed to donate to his cat’s care. The Wildcat Sanctuary has never received a donation towards his care.

Ramsey’s owner set up a YouTube page where you can view a video of a person taunting him in his owner’s condo.  The page has had so many hits, that it makes a profit.  We referred to this video in our own video about the truth about wild animals kept as pets and Ramsey’s previous owner had it pulled claiming ALT Textcopyright infringement, even though we have been told he was not the one who filmed it.

He now has a company called Ramsey, Inc.  A concerned family member has even made a small donation to help care for Ramsey, which was very nice and very much appreciated.  However, the owner still has not.

Life at the sanctuary

The good news is Ramsey can now be a lynx. He grows a beautiful silver coat in the winter and really enjoys the outdoors. He and his bobcat friend Buddy have lived many years together now, wild at heart, in a huge free-roaming natural habitat. He has come a long way from the shy and apprehensive boy he was.

Would you consider becoming a sponsor for Ramsey?  It’s easy and would mean so much!  Sponsorships available here.