Sampson the caracal

Sampson was the second cat to come to The Wildcat Sanctuary and, therefore, holds a special place in our hearts.

He is a very sweet little caracal. Though we’ve tried to introduce Sampson to other cats of his species in the past, he seems to prefer living with his little spotted friends. Sampson lives with a group of servals, which are, like caracals, another species of African wildcats.  We think he just likes being the ‘different’ one in the group.

IMG_5162Sampson’s serval friends have accepted this ‘outsider’ and love him for who he is.  They’re very accepting of the differences between them. You’ll find them all curled up together napping in the tall grass during the summer or lounging on their inside hammocks during cold winter days.

Animals can teach us so much about tolerance and acceptance, can’t they?

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