Matty the cougar from the Catskill Game FarmMatty, the cougar, along with six other cats were part of a big cat rescue from the Catskill Game Farm in New York in 2006. With the closing of their animal park, the game farm auctioned off 950 animals and made east coast and national headlines. Many worried that some of the animals would wind up in the hands of unscrupulous dealers, or to people who run ‘canned shoot’ operations, where hunters pay to shoot fenced-in animals.

Wildlife Watch intervened and negotiated placement of animals in sanctuaries while others purchased animals to ensure their fate. It is described as one of the largest animal rescues of its type.

For many years, Matty lived with Max and Mia together in a large, free-roaming enclosure here at the sanctuary until Max and Mia both passed away. Matty is very active and interested in what’s going on around her – especially in what all her cougar neighbors are up to. She loves to crouch low and stalk anyone passing by her habitat. She also lets loose a fearsome cry every mealtime, reminding us daily that these cougars will always be wild at heart.