Tasha the cougar a former wild pet

A pet tiger was shot by authorities in Iowa after it had escaped and attacked the owner’s dog. The owners also had Tasha and another cougar, Raja, in their possession and contacted TWS for help. Tasha and Raja came to TWS in 2007.

Tasha is a female cougar with a sweet disposition who “talks” constantly.  She is very easygoing and loves all sorts of enrichment, like balls and whole prey. In fact, Tasha is so playful that she will often provide her own enrichment, tossing her food dish around or stalking nearby interns.

Unfortunately, as she approaches advanced age, Tasha has begun to experience kidney problems and other age-related issues. Tasha receives special supplements which are added to her daily diet in order to keep her as happy and healthy as possible.

Tasha prefers to live alone and tends to hold herself in higher regard to other cougars.  She has established herself as the princess of TWS.

You can help provide daily care for Tasha by sponsoring her today.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Escaped Pet Tiger Mauls Dog, is Shot by Deputy 11/16/2007

Tasha’s Move

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