Abby the Jungle cat

We received a call from a veterinarian working with a Humane Society. She had taken in Abby, born in 2003, and soon realized Abby was not just a regular cat. Abby, a jungle cat, had tried to kill a small dog and needed to be placed in a new home.  The veterinarian decided Abby needed a special home, where she could live to be wild, as she was intended to be.  We were happy that we could provide that type of home for  her and she came to live at The Wildcat Sanctuary in 2007.

Abby relaxes in the shadeThough Abby is a small cat, she is still a wild animal.  She loves getting her chicken in the morning and will greet the caretakers with little grumbling noises at the gate.  She also likes to lounge on her hammock or perch high in her tree, secretively watching the caretakers.  One of her favorite things to play with is a feather toy, but you’d better be quick, because she sure is!

You can help provide daily care for Abby by sponsoring her today.  Though she’s a small cat, her daily expenses and medical care are just as expensive as many of the other cats we care for.