Lindsey the Siberian/Eurasian Lynx

Lindsey, a Eurasian lynx, was one of 30+ kittens born on a fur farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. Sadly, fur farms still prosper in both the United States and Canada. Had Lindsey’s path not led her to The Wildcat Sanctuary, her life would have ended prematurely on the fur farm at the age of two.

Unfortunately, there are many others like Lindsey who are not as lucky and suffer unimaginable fates in fur farms each year. Luckily, both Lindsey and her brother Otis were given a second chance to live out their lives at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Lindsey on hammockUnderstandably, Lindsey arrived at the Sanctuary filled with mistrust. She was very aggressive and quickly developed a reputation of being a bully among the other residents. But, our keepers have worked very patiently with her to bring her around.

She now enjoys living in the Wildcat Pines section of the Sanctuary and her habitat is filled with lots of pine trees, a hammock and perches to play on.  Like a lynx in the wild, Lindsey enjoys hanging out in the pine trees where she has a hidden vantage point on everything going on around her.

Lindsey, like all the rescues at our Sanctuary, would love to have you as her sponsor.  Our sponsorship program is how we provide our cats with the best veterinary care, nutritious diet, enrichment, and a habitat that assures they live wild at heart.  Will you be Lindsey’s sponsor?  Join our family of sponsors here.

The Truth About Fur Farms: