Max the Siberian lynx is a retired exhibit cat

Max, a Eurasian lynx, was the typical exhibition cat.  He was owned by an exhibitor that took him to schools and other events for show. One day, though, Max made it quite clear that he no longer was interested in the leash or the profession. Luckily, the exhibitor found The Wildcat Sanctuary and chose to retire Max to our Sanctuary.

Max is a well-adjusted cat, but he will still growl today if he even sees a leash.  His memory of his former life stays with him.

Misha and Max lo resAt The Wildcat Sanctuary, Max now enjoys roaming a 7,000 square foot habitat with the love of his life, Misha, a cougar. It was quite a surprise to us all when we noticed Max was grooming Misha through the fence.  So, one day, we allowed for a play date and they have been together ever since.  It makes us feel wonderful being able to provide companionship for life for our rescues, even if they are from another species.  Sometimes those are the best, most lasting, friendships.Max

You can help provide daily care for Max by becoming his sponsor.  Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.