Small Cats Need Big Help

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Ciega after the surgery – Thank you supporters

Ciega seems much happier now that the pressure is gone from her eye.  Because of your generosity, Ciega can live a better life and knows that helping one cat is just as important as the hundred we have rescued and call TWS home.  Because of your ongoing support, each cat is treated as an individual and their physical and emotional needs are always met.


Ciega prior to the surgery  – A Special TWS Cat Needs a Special Surgery

Ciega's_eyeCiega, a TWS Bengal, was born with a birth defect know as microphthalmia which caused her to be  blind. Even with this unusual situation, Ciega is the most loving and outgoing cat.  She climbs all over her bungalow without any problems and loves to rub on her caretakers from on top of a perch or hanging hammock.

Ciega’s right eye became infected after the surgery to close her eyes.  This caused a rupture to occur that allows air from the nasal cavity to now go into the eye.  Now when Ciega sleeps (and snores) the area fills up with air.  We have found a wonderful ophthalmologist that can perform a surgery to correct this once and for all and make her more comfortable. The cost is estimated to be $800-$900.

We have scheduled Ciega’s surgery for mid November and are trying to raise the funds before then.  If you can help, even in a small way, it would be very much appreciated.





Kittens Rescued from Culvert After Mother Hit by Car

The Wildcat Sanctuary received a call from a cabin owner in Hinckley, MN where a mother cat was hit dead on the road and her kittens were hiding in the culvert.

Tobie_rescued_kittenWe could not turn our back on these kittens in need, so intern Krysta, packed up the traps, nets and crates and drove out to help. After several days 2 kittens were caught. Cedar Pet Clinic gave them an exam, prescribed medication and they were on their way to a new life. Our previous intern, Marissa, kindly agreed to foster Tobie and Hinckley until permanent homes could be found. Hinckley has been adopted but little Tobie is still waiting for a family to adore him. Could it be you?

Learn more about Tobie from his foster mom:

“Tobie is 3-4 months old, Feline leukemia and FIV negative, and is not declawed. He has grown in many ways since he first came to my home. At first, he preferred to hide but now seeks out my attention with his own free will. If he is hiding you can find him by staying quiet and listening for a rumbling purr. He enjoys being combed, and doesn’t mind his nails being trimmed. Tobie has a very kitten-like attitude and everything fascinates him. He just realized that shiny objects like mirrors and glass reflect another cat for him to play with. He plays well with my resident cats, even if they aren’t willing to accept him as part of their pride. Tobie would be an outstanding companion for other cats, people, and possibly dogs. He is a lover that is full of purrs and affection and is looking for a warm and loving place to call home.”

If you are interested in bringing Tobie into your life, please email

With the adoption of Tobie, The Wildcat Sanctuary will also provide you with a FREE annual sponsorship of Lilly the tiger who also was rescued from Pine County.

Please open your heart and home to Tobie!

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