Sponsor a Wild One

Sponsor a Wild One

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“If I were to come back as a tiger, I would want to live out my days at The Wildcat Sanctuary.”

Dr. Ronald Tilson - Senior Conservation Advisor and World-Renowned Tiger Expert/Researcher  

Our SPONSOR-A-WILD-ONE program let’s you feel a special connection to our cats – from a safe distance! As a Sponsor Parent, you’ll receive the personal story of your sponsored wildcat along with photos, special greetings and updates throughout the year.  You can read first-hand stories of some of our Sponsor Parents and what it’s meant to them at the bottom of this page.

The sponsorship amounts detailed below are for an entire year of sponsoring the cat of your choice.  If you want to sponsor a specific animal, read about each cat here and write in the cat you’d like to choose in the memo section of the Sponsorship form you submit.

Though most of our sponsors pay in full either by check or credit card, we can set up monthly payments by credit card or check if you note that on the Sponsorship form you download below.



Download a Sponsor-a-Wild-One-form and mail to: TWS – PO Box 314 – Sandstone, MN 55072


Hilo the F1 Savannah

Sponsor Level 1

Domestic Cat or Hybrid Cat

Small Cat – $150.00 per year [Add to Cart]


8×10 Photo of your cat

Your cat’s story

Email updates and photos throughout the year

Morgan the bobcat found in Ritz Carlton

Sponsor Level 2

Canada or Eurasian Lynx, Bobcat, Serval or Caracal

Medium Cat – $300.00 per year [Add to Cart]

8×10 Photos of your cat

Your cat’s story

Email updates and photos throughout the year

The Wildcat Sanctuary logo decal

Kita the Bengal tiger from WAO

Sponsor Level 3

Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Jaguar or Cougar

Big Cat – $600.00 per year [Add to Cart]


8×10 Photos of your cat

Your cat’s story

Email updates and photos throughout the year

The Wildcat Sanctuary logo decal

DVD “The Wildcat Sanctuary”


The desire for a human-animal connection is universal and undeniable. But we have all seen what happens when humans overstep the boundaries of that connection. The Wildcat Sanctuary advocates for keeping the wild in your heart and not in your home and envisions an end to the careless exhibiting, breeding and selling of wildlife as pets.

Meet a few of our wonderful Sponsor Parents and read what the program’s meant to them:


The Adamecs

Hartwell/Pelton Family

This is a fantastic gift to give the animal lover or avid outdoors person in your life… or show your respect for wildlife and become a Sponsor Parent yourself.

By sponsoring a cat, you are helping The Wildcat Sanctuary provide the very best care for all of the cats that reside at The Wildcat Sanctuary.  The proceeds from the sponsorship program fund nutritionally balanced diets and vitamins, excellent veterinary care, free-roaming habitats,  toys and enrichment. Even though your sponsorship support helps all of our cats, we encourage you to choose a cat you can get to know better.



  1. Donna Petrillo (1 year ago)

    I had a difficult time choosing which beautiful cat to sponsor. I wish I could sponsor them all so I decided this will become my new “special gift of choice” to the people in my life who appreciate and understand the important work your staff and facility provide to these wonderful animals. I’m excited about future sponsirships in the names of special people in my life who will enjoy receiving the updates on their sponsored cat. Wishing you and your residents blessings.

    Donna Petrillo

  2. Anna (1 year ago)

    I wish I had the money to sponser a leopard.. this breaks my heart.

  3. Brandi (1 month ago)

    I wish I could sponsor a tiger, they are my favorite animal. They are absolutely gorgeous. I’m getting a settlement for an injury in a car accident, so I may be able to sponsor one of these beauties. I would love to do so.

  4. debbie stuart (1 month ago)

    Hi i would defo love to become a sponser im a massive cat lover myself n agree with what u r doing n also how heartbreaking it is at same time . look fward to hearing from u give all cats a big cuddle fae me if u can x

  5. Ann (2 weeks ago)

    I am very interested in sponsoring a medium cat, and a big car when I can afford to. Wonderful program and the first charity that really got to me in a way of making me smile and also wanting to help.


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