Volunteering is a great way to become involved with The Wildcat Sanctuary and the work we do for the animals. We rely on skilled volunteers to help with a number of important tasks, including domestic animal care, construction, grounds maintenance, special events and office support.

Our Volunteer program for individuals

Unlike more traditional volunteer programs that offer “entry level” positions, we strive to match skilled volunteers with focused responsibilities that are integral to our operations. To that end, our volunteer program looks very different than what most people have encountered in the past at other nonprofits. We are in search of generous community members who are interested in helping us achieve our mission by using their established skill set to complete assigned work in an independent manner. Each volunteer’s experience is unique and dependent on the amount of time they wish to contribute and the skills they offer. We ask you to put some thought to how you would contribute to our work as you complete this application.

Our Volunteers and their responsibilities

Volunteers come to us with various skills to offer and we strive to match them with duties that are fulfilling and manageable. Some people prefer to contribute by doing routine duties like cleaning or mowing the lawn on-site while others are project-based volunteers who may work from home creating publications or managing web analytics. Regardless of the task, each volunteer commits a minimum of 8 hours per month and is responsible for maintaining their volunteer schedule, tracking their hours, and submitting or completing their work on time and within the agreed upon direction. The right volunteer is someone who understands this commitment, is dedicated to completing the task at hand, and believes strongly in our mission.

All volunteers go through a rigorous application process that includes application submission, interview, and application review by staff. We reserve the right to reject applicants that are not a good fit for our needs or our philosophy. There are no contract between TWS and its volunteers. All volunteers are considered “at will,” which means they could be terminated at any time with or without cause without subjecting the organization to a claim for breach of an employment contract. All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. All on-site volunteers must carry a valid health insurance policy.

How to apply as an Individual Volunteer

  1. Fill out the online application below.
  2. After reviewing your application we will notify you via email if we have an open volunteer position which matches your interests, skills, and availability.  If we do, the email will include information for a phone interview.
  3. If we do not have an immediate opening we will still keep your application on file and notify you if a position becomes available. If you do not hear from us within six months, please reapply.
  4. There is a $20 non-refundable fee for all new volunteers. This fee covers your orientation materials and t-shirt. It is non-refundable and we do accept cash or checks. The fee is not due until you are scheduled for a volunteer orientation.

I live out of state, can I volunteer for a week or two?
We currently cannot accept individual volunteers for short term volunteering.  If you are interested in short term volunteer opportunities, you would need to assemble a crew day of a group of people to work.  Short term volunteer projects include habitat construction which takes multiple people.

Current open positions for qualified volunteers include:

Horticulture Volunteer Lead
Do you enjoy spending time outside? Do you like gardening? The Wildcat Sanctuary is looking for Horticulture Volunteer Lead to help tend to our beautiful gardens we have around the Sanctuary grounds.

Volunteer Coordinator
Do you like working and coordinating people? We are seeking a Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer position).  The main responsibility of this position is to manage, supervise, and coordinate all aspects of the volunteer program and to provide leadership and cultivate the involvement of volunteers in the sanctuary’s activities.

Marketing & Public Relations
Do you have experience in public relations and media?  Then we want you.  We are in need of media placement (:30 TV PSA’s) as well as public relations (traditional and online).  Spreading the word about the important work we do educates the public to keep the wild in their heart, not their home. 

Group Volunteering

Clubs, civic groups, and other groups are welcome to volunteer with us to help with construction and grounds keeping projects when applicable. We have single full-day opportunities available that must be scheduled and approved in advance. While we encourage groups to organize several Group Volunteer days throughout the year, the minimum time commitment is a single 8-hour shift.

Groups must be between 8-12 people. All volunteers in your group must be 18 years or older and will be required to sign a volunteer release form and attend a safety meeting the morning of their Group Volunteer day.

Please contact info@wildcatsanctuary.org for more information about Group Volunteering. We will discuss scheduling and options for projects depending on the size and skill set of your group.  We reserve the right to decline groups/individuals that do not match the skill set needed or our mission, vision and values.