TWS attends National Big Cat Sanctuary Workshop

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Big Cat Sanctuary WorkshopThe Wildcat Sanctuary was honored to attend the Big Cat Sanctuary Workshop in North Carolina this past weekend.  The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) co-sponsored the event.  There were 22 big cat sanctuaries from 15 different states participating.  The objective was to bring sanctuaries together, collaborate, share best practices and help others excel.

The workshop included guest speakers, new approaches for sustainability and growth, brainstorming enrichment methods, sanctuary governance, creating effective communication through various media, fundraising approaches and more.

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Guest speakers included:Big Cat Sanctuary Workshop 2

  • Gail A’Brunzo, IFAW
  • Bobbi Brink, Lions Tigers and Bears
  • Carole & Howard Baskin, Big Cat Rescue
  • Dr. Laurie Gage, USDA
  • Michael Booth, IFAW
  • Tammy Thies, The Wildcat Sanctuary
  • Pam Fulk, Carolina Tiger Rescue
  • Tracy Coppola, IFAW

The workshop ended with a facility tour of Carolina Tiger Rescue.

The Wildcat Sanctuary is humbled to be part of such a dedicated and inspirational group of sanctuaries.

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