Sabrina the rescued tiger is doing well.

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Sabrina in her habitat

It has been a few weeks since Sabrina, the tiger, has moved down to her free roaming habitat and she is already showing signs of personal growth. She seems to really enjoy all of the construction going on around her.  She’s been interested the excavator and concrete workers prepping the adjacent enclosure for new rescues Ekaterina & Sierra an watching the memorial pavilion being stained. She has even show great signs during keeper’s husbandry chores.  When the other big cats enclosures by her are cleaned she is sure to come watch from the closest vantage point.  In the past week she has been coming into her lockout during feeding. But the biggest improvement has been when the keepers use their dogs to help

Sabrina eating in her lockout

 bridge the trust between humans and Sabrina. As the dogs approach, she will even chuff to them. Keepers can then sit with the dogs near her enclosure wall without stressing Sabrina. She will even sit a few feet away watching as the dogs get pet. We hope that with the continued use of dogs to bridge her trust she will once again have faith in humans.

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