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19-Week-Old Tiger Cub at The Wildcat Sanctuary Seeking Companion; Dash is Thriving and has Everything he Needs – Except a Young Tiger Friend



April 7, 2021

19-Week-Old Tiger Cub at The Wildcat Sanctuary Seeking Companion;

Dash is Thriving and has Everything he Needs – Except a Young Tiger Friend

The Wildcat Sanctuary announces an exciting update about their 19-week-old rescued tiger cub Dash! He’s certainly thriving, already weighing 65 pounds and growing daily.

Dash has moved to a large outdoor habitat. There he has a large, natural area to roam and hone his apex-predator-in-training skills. He has lots of platforms and dens to explore, and tons of toys to play with. Dash is only missing one thing: a friend.

Dash was rescued from a tiger-breeding facility in rural Indiana. Shortly after birth, cubs there were sold on the internet to buyers or to cub-petting exhibitors who used them as photo props. The facility has now closed.

“Usually, tigers give birth to at least two cubs in a litter. There’s always another boisterous sibling to play and grow up with,” explained Tammy Thies, Founder and Executive Director of The Wildcat Sanctuary. “Dash is healthy and doing so well, growing by leaps and bounds. With his endless energy, we’d love to give him companionship by rescuing another young tiger in need. They’d be able to grow up enjoying each other’s company and live the ‘wild at heart’ lives our sanctuary can provide for them.”

The sanctuary hopes to get the word out to authorities around the country that they are ready and willing to help a young tiger in need, if one is confiscated or seized. If a private owner has come to realize tigers do not make good pets and would like to surrender their young tiger, the sanctuary is also open to that option.

The Wildcat Sanctuary would transport the cub themselves, no matter where in the U.S. the young tiger resides. “We know there are young tigers across America in need right now. We’d like to give them the same opportunity as Dash, to thrive in a peaceful sanctuary setting growing up with their own kind,” said Thies.

The Wildcat Sanctuary is a non-profit rescue organization, relying entirely on donations for their 100 + exotic cats. Through April, the sanctuary’s MIRACLE MATCH fundraiser is taking place. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $75,000.

“It costs about $10,000 a year to properly care for one big cat at our sanctuary,” added Thies. “Adding a playmate for Dash would, of course, double that expense. But if we can find a needy companion for Dash, it would be his very own MIRACLE MATCH and SO worth it!”

The Wildcat Sanctuary (TWS) is the only accredited, non-profit sanctuary in the Midwest.  TWS provides a natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and inspires change to end the captive wildlife crisis.  Combining natural and spacious habitats with a life free of exhibition, TWS allows all residents to live wild at heart. As a true sanctuary, we do not buy, breed, sell or exhibit animals. The Wildcat Sanctuary is accredited by the American Sanctuary Association and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  More information can be found at


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