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2018 was a PAWsome year for the cats at The Wildcat Sanctuary



Looking back over the year, it’s amazing what our donors and supporters accomplished for so many!

Habitats and Residents 

  • 7 lions, 2 servals, 1 bobcat, 1 Eurasian Lynx and 5 hybrids were welcomed to the Sanctuary. 
  • The sanctuary completed our largest international rescue to date, coordinating with four separate zoos from Argentina. This took years of planning, months of coordination and preparation, and many last-minute adjustments. 

Wildcat Pines area was 90% completed 

  • Removal and expansion of perimeter fence to accommodate the new area 
  • AmeriCorps, volunteers and interns tore down 8 old habitats with roofs, removed old dens and platforms   
  • The area was excavated for drainage, trees were planted 
  • Caves were constructed in each habitat, providing shade and lounging areas for the cats   
  • Construction of a new temperature-controlled building with 8 indoor cat rooms and one utility room. Septic, electric and water were installed. 
  • 8 new habitats were completed with more vertical space filled with cat walks for the cats to explore and perch up high.   
  • This area provides awesome space for up to 24 of our rescued bobcats and lynx. 
  • Aria, Mondovi, Sebastian, Luna, Copper, Archer, Autumn, Belvedere, Francis, Brianna, Stelter, Zambuca, Shalico and Morgan all moved in during the fall.  Their remaining friends joined them this winter/spring. 

Pride Prairie was supposed to begin in 2018, but with your help, it was actually finished!   

  • The entire area was excavated, roads were created around and through the area. 
  • An indoor temperature-controlled building was constructed with 4 of our largest indoor areas to allow for communal living space for lions.  Removable shared walls were also created for possible animal introductions. 
  • The indoor rooms lead to completed outdoor holding yards for private space and access to large free-roaming habitats with plenty of trees and areas to explore. 
  • Lions Chupino and Saltena moved in just in time before winter.  Mansa and Leo joined in early December. Kimba, Sofia and Gino are living in other free-roaming areas of the sanctuary, as is Shanti Deva. 

Cat News 

  • Bobcat Harley moved into a private and quiet space near Wildcat Pines. 
  • Bobcat Bella moved into a wooded habitat all her own. 
  • Lynx Ramsey moved into a large area near Roar Ridge. Something he prefers after the passing of his friend Buddy.
  • New residents lynx Aria and bobcat Mondovi merged and became the best of friends. 
  • Hybrids Ty, Ledger, Phoenix and Bronx moved to a larger bungalow with bigger indoor space. 
  • Serval Scarlet merged in with Mesa and Jaharah and is doing well.
  • Serval Sebastian and bobcat Luna were merged successfully and moved into Wildcat Pines together.  

Hospital and Vet Care  

  • Wellness exams took place on 63 residents to ensure their health. 
  • A new x-ray stand, animal scale and other equipment will be purchased to aid in annual exams.
  • Cataract surgery gave rescue dog Cookie her sight back.
  • Planning for a new educational Animal Care center began. 
  • TWS had to say good-bye to 11 residents who have joined the pride on the other side. 


  • Two new utility vehicles were purchased to aid in daily feeding of animals and construction. 
  • Lawn mower, tools for construction, new transport crates were also purchased.  

Working for the Cats  

  • The intern house received a new septic line to the city sewer and water. Growing the program benefits the animals at the sanctuary and helps us inspire future animal advocates. 
  • The sanctuary began a media intern program, launched with 4 interns who contributed 2,040 hours to help provide support and bring the sanctuary to our supports through photos, videos, social media and an online gift shop. 
  • Animal Care staff fed 109,500 pounds of food last year. 
  • Animal Care Interns contributed almost 20,000 hours of work to support animal care and construction. 
  • We were awarded three AmeriCorps teams who volunteered 55 days or 3,464 total hours!  They made the teardown and rebuild of Wildcat Pines possible in one season.  

Inspire advocates at every touch point  

  • The Wildcat Sanctuary attended the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance Conference.  Executive Director sat on the events, rescue and advocacy committees, as well as presented about how to provide large open habitats for rescued cats at the conference. 
  • Staff also attended the Captive Wildlife Conference hosted by Performing Animal Welfare Society and networked with others in the industry on how to help wild animals currently in captivity. 
  • The Wildcat Sanctuary reached 2.9 million people through Facebook. We created two new Facebook Group pages that are growing rapidly, too. Fans have become advocates and support legislation, write letters and help educate about the captive wildlife crisis. 
  • TWS Development volunteers contributed hours equal to 4 full-time employees 
  • On-site volunteer support was provided by over 26 Volunteer Crew Days who helped with gardening, construction, events and enrichment creation.  

Wow!!!  This is incredible, isn’t it?  We couldn’t do this without all of YOU! 



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