4 Rescued Bobcats Arrive at The Wildcat Sanctuary

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The pick-up of 4 bobcats from a Minnesota backyard went very smoothly yesterday!  The bobcats were owned by a gentleman who held a MN DNR Game Farm license.  The cats were originally purchased to be bred and pelted, but never bred.  In addition, the owner realized that it was dangerous for his grandkids, as well as himself, after an injury was inflicted by one of the cats, so he called TWS.

The bobcats were living in a set-up that is often seen on fur farms and included 4 x 8 wire pens with a den box.  The cats’ temperaments were very calm and the owner was very cooperative in helping load the cats, with as little stress to the cats as possible.

All four bobcats (2 males and 2 females) arrived safely at The Wildcat Sanctuary yesterday afternoon.

Seeing the bobcats released into their temporary pens at TWS brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

The first female was let out, touched her foot to the grass several times before she would bare weight.  Once she did, you could see how good it felt to her to no longer be walking on wire.

The smaller male ran right into his area and jumped on the hammock, top of den box and then over to the plastic dog house.  He marked and hugged everything insight.  He was quite entertaining and enjoyed batting the pine tree branch the most.

With your help, they now have a life filled with trees, grass and space all their own. THANK YOU!

Thank you to our supporters who helped us raise  $5,374 prior to the rescue!  This will help offset their initial vet costs.  One female has severe dental disease and the other has parasites, but overall, they seem to be in good health.  The remaining intake exams, spays and neuters will take place next week.  One of the males will need specialized surgery given he has a condition known as cryptorchid.

The bobcats will remain in our quarantine area until they receive a clean bill of health.

Funding is still needed to build their permanent, free-roaming habitats at TWS. You can donate at: http://www.razoo.com/story/Help-Save-Four-Bobcats

Even though this owner wasn’t keeping these bobcats as pets, thousands are bought and sold as pets every week.  Sadly, this is why we receive so many calls on bobcats needing homes.

The media covered the rescue and the issue of keeping wild animals as pets.  Please take a moment to watch the video. Watch it here!

Help Us Name the Bobcats

None of these bobcats had names. The two beautiful male bobcats will be named after two of our very own special supporters.  Announcement to be made next week.

We want YOUR help naming the two females. YOU have the opportunity to name the cats by bidding online. The top two bidders will earn the naming rights and an annual sponsorship. Here’s your chance to name one of  these two stunning cats after someone you love, in someone’s memory or as a special gift to a special person.

You can place naming bids here.

Bidding begins at $500.

Female #1

Female #2


Here are a few photos from where we picked them up:


It’s been a few months since Stelter, Brianna, Felicity, and Hamlin were rescued and brought to our Sanctuary.  And my, oh my, how life has changed for them!

Hamlin_DSC_0066_LR_nameYou can tell, from these pictures, that they’re so happy they literally kiss the ground they walk on!!

No longer timid, they’ve spent so much of their time exploring around the tall grass and flowers of their summer habitat.  The trees, hammocks, pools, perches, and indoor dens have been such treats for them.  Imagine how life has changed from what little they had before to all we’ve been able to give them now.

They’ve all been spayed or neutered and are free of parasites.  Since they arrived with dental disease, three of the four will be having dental procedures this week.

We’re looking forward to finishing their new, large, free roaming habitats so they’ll be able to move into those before snowfall.  Life just keeps getting better and better for these four!  We’re so thankful to have supporters who help us provide the best of care for the cats we rescue.




Hamlin_DSC_0013_01_LR_nameStelter_DSC_0019_LR_nameStelter and Brianna painting 1 with name.jpg

Stelter Brianna with name


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