A 20/20 story on residents Sierra and Ekaterina

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Sierra and Ekaterina in the news

Sierra and Ekaterina, two Bengal tigers that were recently rescued by The Wildcat Sanctuary, are featured in this 20/20 investigative news story about the dangers of animal exhibitors.  Sierra and Ekaterina orginally came from a facility in Ohio owned by Diana McCourt.  Diana would allow paying customers to go into the animal enclosures and let them pet and sometimes even sit on the tigers or bears.

This story along with the video gives us a glimpse into the past of Sierra and Ekaterina and all they have had to endure.  They are wild animals and it is a real shame that they were forced to be anything but that.  Thankfully, Diana McCourt was eventually shut down, however the sad truth is that there are still many of these operations open today.

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