A very important day for Ohio Cats! And you can help!

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Today is a very important day for animals in Ohio. A bill to finally regulate the breeding and selling of big cats and other exotic animals is being heard by members of the Senate Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Committee.
This bill would have prevented Sam Mazzola from abusing Nikita the tigress, as well as the escape of Tasha the cougar when she was privately owned in Ohio.  It also would have saved the lives of over 50 animals that were shot down in Ohio last fall when the owner set them free before taking his own life.
The Wildcat Sanctuary has offered testimony in support of this bill. With your help, we were able to bring Nikita and Tasha to the Sanctuary from Ohio.  But your help goes even further.  Because of your support, we also help place other wild cats in need into reputable sanctuaries. No doubt, there will be more to come.
As states move forward to improve these standards and regulations, there are some owners who simply will not be willing or able to provide adequate homes.  Funding must be made available to place abused animals into legitimate and accredited sanctuaries. That is why your support is so important.
Who do we help when we save an animal? Not only the animal, but our life is enriched as well. People who help animals help all of us. The ripple effect of their good deeds spreads through us all!
To continue the ripple effect, Joe & Shirley Wolf have pledged an additional $5,000 to our Miracle Match Program. Plus, the Rogers and Akre Families & Friends have pledged $1,200. That is $6,200 more in Matching Funds! 
A total of $39,200!
Your gift by April 30th will mean twice as much for big cats across the country and for those that call The Wildcat Sanctuary home.

Please donate today!

Ps. Your gift truly makes miracles happen. You made a miracle happen for Nikita and Tasha! Watch the IFAW video with the owner here.
Pss.  Read our Rescue Diary and see what it takes to rescue wild cats in need.

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