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June 9 is “Adrian Peterson Day” for the former Texas Wildcat and current NFL All-Pro Minnesota Viking star.  But, here at The Wildcat Sanctuary, his little namesake will be celebrating, too.  She was lucky enough to join our team this week!

Adrian is an F3 Bengal hybrid cat who, like countless others, was being surrendered by her owners due to the soiling and marking traits this breed is well known for.  Learn more about the numerous calls we receive on hybrids.

Since she’s a cross between a wild Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat, Adrian is caught between two worlds.  Domestic cat shelters won’t take her in because they consider her wild and unadoptable.  Most wild cat sanctuaries won’t take her in because they consider her domestic.   And even the Bengal Rescue group contacted recommended having her put to sleep. This is exactly why so many hybrid cats are euthanized.  Once owners realize they can’t keep the cat in the house anymore, it’s too late and there aren’t many options.

Adrian is one of the lucky ones, though.  Even though we had no open space, we felt we owed her a home since she is a Minnesota cat.  Her owner named her after one of our most famous Minnesota athletes.  That means we’re expecting a lot from her at playtime, so stay tuned for some action packed replays!  Already, she is very curious and vocal.


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