American Sanctuary Association supports Tammy Thies

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To Whom It May Concern:

The American Sanctuary Association fully supports and endorses The Wildcat Sanctuary and Tammy Thies.  TWS is a model sanctuary that has been an accredited member of our association since their founding.  Every site visit by our board members or representatives exhibited animal care, housing, and policies that meets or exceeds our standards.

On a personal level, I have known Tammy for 13 years.  She also served as a director on ASA’s Board for several years.  I have never questioned her ethics, morals or honesty.  For her, the cats come first, and I have seen her get involved in rescuing needy animals all over the country, never giving up on any animal as she searches for solutions.

I have worked in the animal protection movement continuously for 33 years.  During that time I have seen multiple cases of disgruntled current and former staff, volunteers and board members go on the attack against the organization they claim to admire.  Many were nothing more than individuals who had little understanding about the challenges of directing a nonprofit organization.

ASA urges you to continue supporting Tammy and TWS.

Vernon Weir, Director
American Sanctuary Association

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