Animal Caretaker Job Opening at The Wildcat Sanctuary

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Have you always loved big cats? Do you have the background and skills it takes to care for them?We’re looking for a very special person to join our team!

Details of the Position

Animal Caretaker reports to: Operations Director

Exempt status: Hourly Non-Exempt

Purpose: Animal Caretakers will provide all aspects of daily care and husbandry for all sanctuary residents. Responsibilities include daily animal observation, reporting any abnormalities; perform routine husbandry and environmental maintenance inside habitat; feed prescribed diets; perform assigned and approved animal enrichment activities and trainings; assist in the restraint and treatment of animals and respond to emergency situations. Will also participate in habitat construction, which includes the design, building and leading projects.


Animal Care

• Clearly understand and follow all TWS safety protocols and procedures- always
• Provide all aspects of daily care for the animals in assigned areas
• Clean and maintain habitats, buildings and lockouts consistent with TWS standards
• Know animal species, names, history, health concerns, likes and dislikes, etc.
• Observe animals for any signs of illness, lethargy, injury, or dietary problems and report any problems to the Hospital Manager
• Medicate animals with any prescribed treatments
• Inspect animal areas for security and safety of animals, staff and the public.
• Perform routine inspection and maintenance of buildings, enclosures, grounds, and equipment and report and structural or mechanical problems.
• Secure buildings, grounds and enclosures.
• Assist with supervision and training of interns
• Assist with introductions and movements
• Assist with sedation and transfer animals to hospital on vet days
• Assist in hospital under direction of Hospital Manager and Vet Assistant
• Lead in zones when scheduled and as assigned by zone lead, when they are off
• Maintain daily observations, daily animal care log, and other records as needed in the assigned area
• Participate in the animal training (operant conditioning) and enrichment programs
• Perform basic restraint, crating/uncrating and transport of animals as required
• Participate in the animal escape and recovery plan, following TWS emergency procedures and protocols
• Assist with inventory control to maintain optimum levels of food, supplies, materials and equipment
• Must be available to work overnight shift 1-2 nights per week
• Must be willing and able to work a rotating schedule with flexible hours including overnights, evenings, weekends, holidays and emergencies.


• Ability to lead construction projects to build and improve habitats, including supervision of interns, staff and volunteer crews
• Design and make recommendations to modify or enhance habitats
• Design and construct permanent enrichment in habitats and animal building
• Identify and perform minor repairs to fencing, habitats and animal buildings.
• Work with facilities to coordinate repair of major damage or routine maintenance work.
• Must be able to climb ladders/stairs, lift crates/animals and/or equipment weighing 70lbs
• Operate mowers, handle fire hose for cleaning, operate weed eaters, chain saws and operate wheel barrows loaded up to 150lbs.
• Operate UTV’s, tractors, pickup truck, bobcat and other equipment.
• Must be agile and flexible to maneuver in and around animals within enclosures and holding areas.


• Supervise and monitor the public and volunteers ensuring the safety of all individuals on property and animals.
• Participate in special events, marketing, and other promotional activities as assigned.


• Four-year degree in biology/zoo related field or related experience. Exceptions can be made with the approval Executive Director and Animal Care Manager.
• Minimum of 6 months to 1-year experience or demonstrated skill set, in work or internship relevant to related animal husbandry.


• Ability to make a commitment to the organization’s mission, vision, values and strategic anchors, including our “no contact” policy.
• Ability to make a commitment to the animals by focusing on individualized care and continually going above and beyond when it comes to medical care, diet, habitats, enrichment, etc.
• Must have a “can do” attitude, very strong work ethic and be able to prioritize and complete any tasks designated within expected timeframe
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, interns, volunteers and donors
• General knowledge of Zoonotic Disease and Sanctuary SOP’s
• Trained in chemical immobilization and fire arms within 6 months of start date.
• Ability to work in extreme weather conditions from 100-degree days to freezing temperatures.
• Possession of a valid driver license.
• Must have tetanus vaccine.
• Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions
• Ability to work safely, recognize safety hazards, and apply proper safety precautions
• Allergic conditions which would be aggravated when handling or working with animals may be a disqualification.

It is expected that employees of TWS support the mission, values and strategic anchors of the Sanctuary. The employer reserves the right to modify, change or add to the duties of this job description at any time. The employee understands and acknowledges that this position is terminable at will at any time by TWS. All donor names and contact information remain the property of The Wildcat Sanctuary and cannot be taken or used. All graphics and proprietary information remains the property of The Wildcat Sanctuary and cannot be used for other purposes.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants should send their cover letter, resume and three references to


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