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At TWS, every life is special – no matter how big or small



PicMonkey Collage with names

Even though The Wildcat Sanctuary is home to big cats, over the years, we’ve helped several stray cats as well. It’s ranged from donors contacting us about stray cats, to neighbors calling finding kittens in culverts.  But what’s very interesting is that there are also stray cats that have found their way personally to our Sanctuary – and all happen to be gray and white!  Many were spayed and neutered by The Wildcat Sanctuary, vetted and then adopted out to appropriate homes.  A few also made it clear that they were at our Sanctuary to stay.

Homer was the first gray and white stray that appeared at the Sanctuary when it was located in Georgia in the late 90’s. Now, he is an older gentleman who keeps us company in the office.  Remoh was found near the Hybrid Haven section of our Sanctuary one night.  Since his color was the reverse of Homer’s, we reversed the name and called him Remoh (Homer spelled backwards).  Remoh resides with us in the Intern Bunkhouse and is a Sanctuary favorite.

A few years ago, we noticed we had a visitor in the pole shed at the Sanctuary.  We weren’t sure who or what it was, but we were being left some presents.  After a pattern of ‘not so nice’ presents, we started investigating.  The interns found a cat propped up on the shelf of the building.  We humanely trapped him for his own safety.  Roaming free in a big cat sanctuary isn’t necessarily safe for a little cat.  And guess what?  This little guy is also gray and white! Since he kept with the theme of being a gray and white stray, we are keeping with the name theme, too.  He has been named Rhome – the same letters as Homer and Remoh, and the name seems perfect for him since he roamed right into the sanctuary.

Because Rhome is a feral cat, our director and her friends paid for his vetting, neuter and transport all the way to our friends at Cedar Hill Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi, where he got to live in a 5-acre area with other rescue domestic cats.

Most recently, we adopted a black and white senior cat to join us in the office.  Since he resembled Remoh.  We named him Mr. Oreoh to also keep the theme going.

At The Wildcat Sanctuary, every life truly is special – no matter how big or small.


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