The Wildcat Sanctuary Provides Forever Home to our First-Ever Newborn Tiger Cub- Along with his Parents and Two Geriatric Lions

January 4, 2021 The Wildcat Sanctuary Provides Forever Home to Our First-Ever Newborn Tiger Cub Along with his Parents and Two Geriatric Lions TWS invites you to watch tiger cub Dash grow up, play and thrive at The Wildcat Sanctuary on his new Facebook page: Sandstone, Minnesota – The Wildcat Sanctuary was called upon … Read more

What’s Ahead for 2021?

I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve already given to the cats this year. Whether they’re big or little, spotted or striped, old or young, you’ve kept the cats happy, healthy, well cared for and, most of all, loved. I’m so grateful to you for that! And even though it’s been a year we’ve … Read more

Holiday Gift Shop

Holiday Gift Shop Sorry, as of 12/14, we can no longer guarantee delivery by December 24th. If you’re looking for a compassionate gift, one that truly shows the spirit of the season, we have just the items for you! When you purchase any of these gifts, you bring true comfort and joy to over 115 … Read more

Won’t You Help Feed a Feline Today at The Wildcat Sanctuary?

Feeding big cats is a big job.     Tonka the tiger is the largest cat at the Sanctuary.  He was a former exhibit cat living in a small, non-compliant enclosure prior to arriving at The Wildcat Sanctuary. Thanks to you, Tonka now has room to roam. His natural enclosure provides tall grasses for stalking, … Read more

Tiger Amnesty Week

Update: Our focus has always been on what is doing right for the animals. Therefore, we are extending Tiger (and any big cat) Amnesty until our habitats are full. We have free-roaming, natural and spacious habitats that could be helping a big cat in need right now and we want to help. The Wildcat Sanctuary … Read more

Covid-19 is affecting us all

If you are anything like me, perhaps you are a little anxious right now.  Your head might want to rationalize that others are overreacting, as your heart might bring awareness to the fragility of life.  This is perfectly normal. When something unfounded or big happens in our own world, it can feel just as uneasy.  … Read more